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iPod 1.1.3 Jailbreak experience

Yesterday, I tried to upgrade my jailbroken ipod touch from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 The official dev team release came out yest., so I figured I’d give it a shot. Before I began, I made sure that I met all the requirements: I had 1.1.2 jailbroken, lots of time to wait, and my iPod was set to never lock. What the requirements didn’t mention, was that I needed 160Mb free space on my root partition. Half-way through the upgrade, I got an error regarding disk space. After waiting for a good three hours, I rebooted to a frozen iPod. I then began the frustrating task of trying to restore to my previous firmware. However, thanks to iTunes 7.6, I successfully failed and failed again. I spent most of my evening trying to troubleshoot and try again. Turns out, all I had to do was try the upgrade with 7.5I am happy to announce that today I was successful at upgrading to 1.1.3 jailbroken! The install I used was from the self-titled “ipod elite team.” Though the installer hung, I left it alone for a few hours (3.5 to be precise) and after impatience got the best of me, I restarted to 1.1.3!  


My dream…

ipod touch controller

  My dream is for someone, anyone to make a controller peripheral for the ipod touch and iphone. This device would be such an awesome game console, given some buttons. With Sega, and EA games already making games for the older ipods (see iTunes store), and EA chomping at the bit to develop for the iphone, we NEED a controller. Most people like me who’ve hacked their ipod, quickly discovered that playing games is next to impossible. Despite the awesome work of certain developers, games on the ipod need buttons. I looked and looked at the CES and MacWorld reports for some evidence of a device like this, but I saw nothing. This is probably because Apple hasn’t sanctioned app development yet, but with February right around the corner, this thing has to be in the works somewhere.