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A New Idea

Ok, so last night I decided that I am going to try and do a weekly blog on Japanese. Maybe I will do more than one a week, but I am going to try and update at least once a week. Hopefully, this will help someone, even if it’s just me. So, enough procrastinating, here goes…


Awesome secret Japanese place

This weekend we (Christina, Ryan, Rachel and Myself) went to this great hidden restaurant in Charlottesville, VA. The place is called “Ten.” Ten serves very gourmet Japanese food in a trendy modern environment. Of course gourmet food comes at a price between the four of us, we racked up a bill of $100, but it was amazing. The four of us got the following:

  • Aka Dashi Miso 3 – This was a miso soup with red bean paste. It had a smoky flavor
  • Yakitori 3 – Teryaki Chicken, served on a stick. It was awesome! 
  • Harami Miso 5 – World famous Wagyu (Kobe) Beef on a stick. It was the cheap part of the beef, so it was fatty, but the flavor was excellent. I had to try some type of Wagyu.
  • Unagi Roll – Unagi Eel wrapped in Nori and Rice. I even liked it and I am not a Sushi fan.
  • Unagi Sashimi – Unagi on rice with some type of sauce on top. It was better than the Sushi.
  • Seaweed Salad 6 – Although I didn’t eat this dish, my wife loved it. The way they served it was really cool. It was served in a dish of ice lit up white with an LED.
  • Calimari Tempura 12 – Calimari tempura with a creamy sauce with Korean Chili. It was hot, but not too hot. We all really enjoyed this dish.
  • Lobster Tempura 15 – Tempura with a similar taste to the Calimari, but for the size of the portion I wouldn’t order it again. It was good, but not great.
  • Avocado Tempura 8- Fried avocado with a nice sweet sauce.
  • Kani Avocado Tobiko 6- Rolled sushi of avocado, king crab and tobiko(basically japanese caviar). Rachel ordered this and opted out of the tobiko.
  • Soft Shell Crab Roll – Christina ordered this and received two huge rolls of soft shell crab with a nasty sauce.
After eating, and leaving around 9pm, we went to a little whole in the wall that was called “The Flat.” Authentic crêpes are served here with an abundant selection of fillings. While our friend’s ordered the crepe with bananas and chocolate, we got apples, cinnamon and brown sugar in ours. This was a tasty, cheap dessert. We also ordered a small cup of real apple cider which was amazingly fresh tasting. I think we paid an overall 7 dollars for the crêpe and the cider. The cider was 2 bucks.